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Professional Restoration

As a full-scale professional restoration company in South Florida, All-Pro Restoration Services provides water and flood damage restoration, hurricane and storm damage restoration, and fire restoration. Further, All-Pro Restoration Services has extended its restoration operations to include both residential and commercial properties. No matter what kind of restoration solution your home or establishment requires, and no matter what the extent of your damage is; All-Pro Restoration Services has the licenses, the insurance, the certifications, the tools, the equipment, the manpower, and the know-how to get it done for you!

Water and Flood Damage Restoration

When you have a medical emergency, paramedics and or police officers are usually the first responders. When you have a fire, firemen are usually your first responders. However, if you experience flooding or severe water damage, then the technicians from All-Pro Restoration Services should be your first responders. We can take care of water damage resulting from the following sources:

  • Sewage backups
  • Flooding
  • Plumbing catastrophes
  • Human error
  • Storm rains
  • Clogged drains
  • Broken pipes

Following severe water damage, the three biggest threats the home or establishment's occupants face are structural rot, the onset of mold, and electrical fires. Water damage is a serious concern, and if you suffer water damage in your home or business, you can count on the professional restoration services of All-Pro to make it right.

Hurricane and Storm Damage Restoration

In life, you must always take the bad with the good. Living in sunny, South Florida, we Floridians have a lot to be thankful for! At the same time, severe storms and hurricanes are more than possibilities each year - they are a given! When, not "if," your home or establishment is damaged by a storm - whether it's from a storm surge, wind damage, damage from debris, etc. - give All-Pro a call.

Hurricanes and severe storms are uniquely dangerous because they can cause water damage, structural damage, and fires. All-Pro Restoration Services is a great choice for comprehensive storm clean up and professional restoration following a natural disaster.

Fire Restoration

Professional fire restoration services are unlike any other kind of restoration services. That is because it takes specialized training to be able to deliver fire restoration services. Fires can be particularly dangerous. Not only can a fire be harmful in terms of the obvious heat associated with them, but the smoke damage can kill a person as well. This includes both smoke inhalation during the fire as well as inhalation of the toxic fumes that linger long after the fire is over.

All-Pro Restoration Services can help you get cleaned up following a fire in your home or establishment. We'll salvage any items that can be refurbished, even items that you might think are permanently lost! We can help with smoke damage and soot removal, cleanup, and even the reconstruction of your home or establishment.

Professional Restoration
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Professional Restoration