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Ottawa Deck Contractor

Ottawa Deck Contractor

The outdoor space in your home is an extension of the interior and is a place you can enjoy for many months. As such, you should update or build a deck that can provide the perfect place for retreating and increase the value of your home. When it comes to installing a deck, you will need to select a material, but with so many available, it can be confusing to identify the best one. Factors to consider when looking for a decking material include your budget and a material that can stand the test of time.

At Elie’s Fencing Solutions, we’re Ottawa deck contractors of choice. We have years of experience designing and installing incredible outdoor living spaces customized for each home, and we’d be more than thrilled to build one that suits your needs and preferences.

Tips for Choosing the Best Decking Material

Here are a couple of the factors to consider when selecting decking material:

  • Cost-Effectiveness and Budget

Once you've established your price range for a new deck, it will be easier to narrow down your options. When budgeting for a deck, you should also factor in extras like pergolas for shade and railings. Additionally, you need to look at the cost-effectiveness of the decking material. If you purchase a cheaper material, it will end up costing more to replace or repair sooner; therefore, it's not a worthy investment. 

However, if you buy a quality material that can be expensive, you'll eventually save more. The thing is, you want to see a good return on investment on your deck, and if you plan to sell your home down the road, getting a material that appeals to buyers too will work to your advantage. After knowing the cost of different materials, you can be able to get one within your budget and with a good ROI.

  • Durability

Natural wood is susceptible to rotting, staining, insect damage, and distortion. That said, pressure treatment using protective chemicals can solve these problems, creating a lasting material. Plastic products and wood composite protect against wood-boring pests, warping, and rotting, although composite can still develop mildew with time. Mildew can result in structural damage and even allergic reactions. While plastic products aren’t prone to insect damage or rot, they can sag if the quality is poor.

Ultimately, pick a material that won’t start warping, splitting, rotting, or splintering after a couple of weeks, months, or even the first few years of use.

  • Maintenance

Materials like plastic, vinyl, and aluminum need very little maintenance. All you’re required to do is to clean them. On the other hand, you'll need to spend on maintaining wooden decks, like coating them from time to time with protective waxes and paints.

Composite decking has become quite popular as they are significantly easier to maintain compared to wood. So, if you don't mind spending time and money on wooden decks, you can go for it. But if the hassle is too much, opt for easy-to-maintain decking material.

Award-Winning Deck Contractors

When you partner with us, you’ll work closely with our talented, skilled, and experienced Ottawa deck contractors to ensure you get everything you’ve always wanted in a deck. Whatever your dream deck looks like, we’re excited to hear your ideas and bring them to life. Contact Elie’s Fencing Solutions today to discuss how we can turn your vision into a reality: (613) 832-3232.

Ottawa Deck Contractor

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Ottawa Deck Contractor