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MDF TorontoNo architectural project is complete until the doors and trim are in place. Trim Carpenter Supply is delighted to offer a wide range of very nice Medium Density Fibreboard MDF mouldings in Toronto. Visit our enormous warehouse at 170 Brockport Drive. Call 416.798.1994 for hours and directions.

Classic crown mouldings were made of plaster. Some still are, but more and more architectural firms and interior designers are nowadays opting for more lightweight MDF mouldings in Toronto. MDF (also called Medium Density Fibreboard), provides a clean, seamless appearance and is virtually indistinguishable from plaster or wood moulding material. MDF mouldings in Toronto are easily as strong as plaster moulding. With an almost unlimited number of profiles, MDF mouldings are available to accommodate nearly any design situation. Moulding softens the transition from a wall to adjacent windows, ceilings and doors. MDF moulding can be used to cap walls, pilasters and doorways. When stained or painted properly, it can be very hard to distinguish MDF mouldings from their hardwood and plaster counterparts.

Trim Carpenter Supply is the place to come when you need high quality trim or architectural mouldings of any sort. We’ve got all the interior doors, pre-built door frames, locksets and door hardware you could ever possibly want or need. See our selection of French doors, pre-made frames, crown moulding and baseboard detail material. Visit our enormous warehouse in Toronto, Canada. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your architectural trim requirements. When it comes to architectural trim in the GTA, nobody offers a more extensive or affordable selection. Don’t see exactly the door you’re looking for? Tell us about it, and we’ll try to find it for you. We’ve got all the interior doors, pre-built door frames, locksets and MDF mouldings Toronto could ever possibly want or need. To know more, dial 416.798.1994 MDF Toronto

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