Basement Home Office Design Ideas

According to the US Department of Labor and Statistics, home based businesses such as online marketing and e-commerce sales are among the top five rapidly expanding career fields in the United States. This growth, along with more businesses deciding to outsource clerical and administrative duties to home-based businesses has create a need for home owners to create a home office from existing empty space inside a home. One of the more popular trends and a great way to stimulate your own creative is receiving inspiration from basement home office design ideas put forth by contractors who specialize in these services.

What's the Value of a Basement Home Office?

  • Arguably, the best thing about working from home is the freedom that comes with the job. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent and care for children while you’re working, or have a busy home based business where you entertain clients and potential customers for meetings, having a professional space to complete business is critical for success. By creating this office space in your basement, it provides several ancillary benefits that any home owner would appreciate, including:
    · Increases the amount of livable space in your home. If you have a basement that is currently bare walled, with exposed beams, electrical and HVAC ductwork, it is essentially empty space. However, when you make the decision to design a fully functional basement home office, this ‘dead space’ is now livable – which instantly increases the overall square footage of your home and can instantly add equity.
    · Gives home based businesses a professional appearance. Although many home business owners or people who choose to work from the comfort of home do so for the freedom, having a professional office space is important for professionalism. Case in point, most people communicate and have meetings via SKYPE or other video conference methods. If you are broadcasting from a laptop in your living room with children running around the house; that could negatively impact your professionalism or credibility. However, by having a professional office space in a quite basement setting, you can present a more positive image – which tends to create more confidence among clients and customers and increase business opportunities.
    · It’s an amazing tax write-off. Anyone who works from home understands the benefits of doing so during tax season. The IRS along with state tax agencies permits certain deductions for space that is used to operate a home office. The larger the space; the higher the deduction. However. What is not commonly known is that construction costs for adding or building a home office may also be deducted. It’s always best to consult with a professional accountant to learn the facts, but it is something to consider.

Understanding the Process involved in designing a basement home office space

If you have an empty basement that you’ve been thinking about upgrading and refurbishing, and have a need for a professional home office, why not include this into your basement upgrade design? Case in point, if you currently have a home office upstairs, and it occupies an existing bedroom, adding a home office space in the basement not only frees up that bedroom to be used as a guest room or for another child, but also give you the privacy to run the business. However, creating a new basement home office design will involve a process that will ensure you get the best return on investment, but also fit your needs and wants into a budget you can afford.
Noted below are a few of the best tips on how to design a basement home office along with some of important steps you should follow that will streamline this process and ensure you get everything you need and want, without having to make expensive revisions.

Top 10 Basement Home Office Design Ideas

Every good concept or idea has a detailed and professionally crafted plan that is implemented by professional that specialize in a specific area of expertise. When it comes to coming up with basement home office design ideas, the first step should be to find a qualified contractor that offers this type of service, and has completed projects similar to the one you are undertaking. Some basement home office projects are simply adding home office supplies and materials to an existing fully furbished and finished basement, while others will include full basement development and design.
As we dive into these top 10 design ideas, let’s assume you’ll be starting from scratch, so that you can be 100 percent certain the design ideas you have are practical for the materials you need.

1 – Determine the Layout of your basement home office

The first item you need to determine is what you require in a home office space. Most home offices will include the following needs:
Office table space for computers, printers, and office supplies Storage areas for files, business or marketing materials and other business-related products Sitting area for guests, clients or potential customers Strong internet connection, good electrical supply and professional lighting
If you are starting your home office design from scratch with an unfinished basement, you’ll have to factor in the installation of supporting electrical, fiber-optic, plumbing and HVAC vents and control panels to accommodate these common needs.

2 – Consider the future

Most people that decide to operate a home based business are entrepreneurs who start small and expand over time. However, this doesn’t mean you have to move out of the home office into a high rise in downtown New York City. Many people design a home office space in their basement for future expansion and will add a few custom design ideas that we’ll dive into below.

3 – Add a secondary office

As business grows, so will the need to retain employees. If this is your goal, then why not add a secondary office space in your design plan? While the room is not in use, you can utilize it as a storage room or play room for the kids (during non-working hours of course).

4 – Be Creative with Wall Space

Your office space should be an extension of your personal brand and be somewhere you feel comfortable working. So, why not add some flavor to your walls, like adding custom brick, wood or tiles?

5 – Factor in your entrance needs

If you utilize your home office space to host clients, you need to consider this into your design elements. Some basements have walkout doors to a back yard or side yard. Why not incorporate this into your design?

6 – Maximize space and storage

Not too many people enjoy clutter, which is why you should consider adding custom built storage shelving under desks, in closets or other areas of your home basement office design plans.

7 – Don't forget Décor

Some of the most attractive home offices are decorated with décor that matches the style of the business owner; not necessarily by the cost of the decorations. Always factor in your overall décor or style into your overall basement home office design.

8 – Optimize lighting

You’ll be spending a lot of hours inside your home office, and unfortunately, most basements are not well lit. Always remember to optimize your lighting with bright or adjustable light fixtures, so you can customize the amount of light that will make is easier for you to work.

9 – Be SMART about fixtures and appliances

When designing a home office, many home owners decide to upgrade their appliances or add new appliances to the area, including refrigerators, full bathrooms or individual HVAC systems. If you plan on doing so, be SMART, by adding energy efficient systems; so you can save money on monthly utility bills and be environmentally friendly.

10 – Always remember – You can be fashionable and functional

The last tip to remember when you’re thinking about a custom basement home office design is that it is quite possible to be fashionable and chic – while also being functional at the same time. Most experienced home office contractors are also elegant designers, that can offer incredible tips to help enhance the overall look and feel of your office, without compromising your ability to do your job.

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