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Basement Renovation Aurora

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Professionally Basement Renovation in Aurora

For the past 13+ years, Capable Group has been building a reputation of excellence in basement renovation services in Aurora one basement at a time. During this time, we have prioritized customer satisfaction and superior renovation services for homeowners in Aurora at a competitive price.

We know just how important converting your current home into your dream home is for your family, that’s why we take the time to listen to your vision.

We take pride in the reputation we have established and do not take lightly the trust our customers have in use to get the job done right. We approach each product with the same amount of dedication and zeal. Our goal is to give homeowners the home of their dreams as efficiently as possible. Using cutting-edge technology, our team is more than capable of handling any basement renovation project.

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Rob from Capable Group presenting basement renovation ideas in Toronto with a modern fireplace and mounted flat-screen TV in the background

Why Finish a Basement in Aurora?

With the real estate market continuing to rise, purchasing a dream home is unattainable for many people in Aurora. Instead, they are opting to create the home of their dreams by renovating their current homes.

Need a reason to finally embark on the basement renovation project you have been considering for a while now? We’ll give you several. There are many benefits that you can enjoy once you make the decision to find another home for your storage boxes and use your basement in a more rewarding way.  The advantages will not only be felt as soon as the project is complete, but in the future as well.

Finishing a basement takes a lot of planning and time, but we strongly believe the rewards outweigh the sacrifice, and many homeowners in Aurora agree.

In fact, potential buyers may think twice about purchasing your home if you have an unfinished basement. Here are some reasons why renovating your basement is a good idea.

Modern basement renovation in Toronto with illuminated city skyline wall mural, mirrored coffee table, and plush seating under a starry ceiling
Spacious and modern basement finishing in Toronto with large screen projector, night sky ceiling mural, and cityscape wall art.

What is basement renovation?

Sometimes people get confused between the terms basement remodeling and basement renovation, or use them interchangeably and don’t fully understand the meaning of each. Basement renovation is upgrades to the home that does not disrupt the overall structure of the basement. These improvements may be small or large scale. Sometimes homeowners may think that smaller scale renovation projects are straightforward and there is no need to hire a professional renovation company like Capable Group. They’re mistaken. Before beginning any renovation work on your basement, it’s important to have an expert inspect the foundation of the home to make sure that your basement has the structural support it needs to withstand renovations.

One key thing to remember about renovation projects is that you do not have to complete it all at once. You can choose to renovate a section of your basement at a particular time, and then over the course of time, eventually get your basement to look the way you want it to look. Since the basement is sectioned off, you can have your basement renovated with little disruption to your family’s everyday life. 

Basements for ANY Budget. Period.

Exclusive Offer Up To $7000 Off!

Basement Renovation Design

Imagine walking into an empty room and being able to completely design the room. You’d be able to pick the color scheme, the type of flooring, the features to incorporate into a room, etc. This is the power you can have when you choose to finish your basement. There may be some limitations in terms of the size of the room and how you can use the room based on natural light, accessibility, and other factors, but designing a room is exhilarating. We know because we get excited about every project we are hired to complete.

Even more exciting, is the joy we see on the faces of our clients as they begin to imagine all the possibilities they have with their basement space. Once we have gathered enough information and know what kind of room our clients would like to design, our design team gets to work. Using groundbreaking technology, we’re able to give our clients a preview of what their renovations will look like when completed. Once we have this model, we can tweak it to make sure that the client is getting exactly what they want.

Latest Projects

Custom-designed acoustic basement renovation for a home music studio in Toronto with soundproofing panels and high-fidelity audio equipment.
Luxurious home theater basement renovation in Toronto with leather recliners, starlight ceiling, and ambient wall sconces for a cinematic experience."
Luxury basement renovation in Toronto with a beach scene projector, a night sky ceiling, and a vibrant cityscape mural, showcasing sophisticated basement finishing.
"Open concept basement finishing in Toronto with cozy seating area, fireplace, hardwood flooring, and children's play section
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Our Services

Create a separate and comfy unit in your home for guests or rent it out to tenants for some extra cash each month

Having a bathroom in your basement is not only a convenient feature to have, the more bathrooms you have in your home, the more valuable you home is on the market

By incorporating a few basic features and appliances, you can use an area of your basement as a kitchen

An extra bedroom is always a plus. Whether it’s for a family member or serves as a guest room, you can create a bedroom anyone will be glad to sleep in.

if you work from home you know how easy it can be to get distracted by family members. Create a quite space in your basement when you can work without interruption.

work out at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. All you need is some basic equipment and you are good to go

Transform your basement into a center for relaxation and rejuvenation by installing a sauna. Sauna treatments have tremendous health benefits

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