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Basement Game Room Ideas

A basement is a perfect place for a home video game room. Not only can it be transformed into a space that is suitable for playing video games, but you’ll also have space to put in an entertainment system and allow your friends and family members to enjoy favorite games together.

Capable Group, a basement  renovation company, can design and create a game room with your detailed specifications. Now, just because you’re creating a game room in your basement doesn’t mean that you have to stick to video game nights alone. If you need more ideas on what you can turn your basement into, how about basement apartment? Or if that kind of renovation doesn’t work for you, maybe it’s better to convert it to basement home gym?

Video Game Room Ideas

1. The Basement Lair

The basement is a popular spot for a game room remodel due to its seclusion and spaciousness. If you have an unfinished basement, you’ll have to do a lot of work to turn it into your ideal gaming area. 

You may divide the space and deck it out with your colours and furniture if it is already in use. 

Safety is essential to keep in mind while building your basement game room. Check that your basement is up to code. This involves a second escape route, smoke alarms, fire sprinklers, and so on.

2. A Living Room Dream Game Station

In addition to having a home video game room, you may also consider adding a supplemental living gaming room. 

If space is tight, you can install this smaller station in your office or den. However, if the area isn’t going to be used for this purpose, it’s best not to take up that much space unless necessary.

3. The Corner Spot

A home game room doesn’t necessarily have to take up an entire area. You may turn part of a larger room into your game center or even create one within the corner of another room. 

This provides you with more space for expanding your game activities but is smaller than many other arrangements.

4. Themed Gaming Center

Who says that video games are limited just to playing? You can expand your video gaming experience into decorating as well! Your themed game room brings together all aspects of entertainment and makes them accessible in one place. 

Take advantage of this main focal point by decking it out with movie posters, game consoles, arcade games, board games, toys and so on.

5. The Minimalist Den

Another way to set up a modern basement game room is to take it slow and simple. You can transform a room into a minimalist den that lets you enjoy your games without overwhelming you with too many distractions.

You’ll need to make sure you have enough space for the number of chairs and couches you choose, as well as all of the gaming systems and accessories. Minimalism isn’t necessarily about having less, so don’t go overboard by eliminating unnecessary furniture and relics.

6. The Attic Game Room

An attic game room is perfect if you want plenty of sunlight coming through your windows or skylights during the daytime hours. Since the sun sets earlier in winter months than summer, this may not be an option depending on how far north you are located.

7. Multiplayer Rooms

If video games are an important part of your life, you may want to give some consideration to creating rooms for multiplayer rather than having people over all the time.

Multiplayer is often ideal if more than one gamer is in your household or you have frequent guests over who like playing multiplayer video games.

8. Accent Lighting

There’s something about mood lighting that makes the gaming atmosphere feel better! You can create this effect with accent lighting that completes the look of any game room no matter what theme you choose. 

Accent lighting can be installed underneath or around TV stands bookshelves behind the couch at the room’s focal point.

How to Set Up Video Game Room Ideas

If you enjoy video games, you’ll need to set up a video gaming area in a separate room. Even though wires and other electronic goods will be strewn about the space, they should serve their purpose.

When playing games on the most current or most popular platforms, you’ll always want chairs with strong lumbar support. 

Aside from that, there are several other things you should think about getting to complete the room. Many gamers aspire to have their gaming area, yet the equipment required varies depending on the game.

Size Is Important

No matter what theme you choose to go with, the size of your game room will be one of the most important factors. Plan your video game area layout and measure how much space it will take up.

Creating a private area just for video gameplay is a creative and exciting project because there are many styles to select from. 

Keep in mind that the prices for each idea will differ based on the size of the room, any associated accessories, and, of course, the hardware required.

Cool Basement Game Room Ideas

Your basement is the ideal location to set up your game area with a comfortable sofa and ambient lighting. 

Arcade Machines

Gaming has never been so much fun than with an arcade machine in your own house. You can enjoy playing the latest and greatest titles without having to go out and wait for a turn on someone else’s cabinet. An arcade machine is great for those with a dedicated gaming space since it takes up a lot of room.

Game Table

If you’re looking for something related to games but not as intense as an arcade machine, consider getting a table for the board, card, tabletop, dice, and skill-based games like football table. 

You may also want to check out our guide on pool tables if billiards catch your eye.

Mood Lighting

There’s something about mood lighting that makes any experience feel better! You can produce this effect with accent lighting or blue lighting that brings the look of any game room together, whether it’s contemporary or rustic.


Hygge is a Danish term that creates cozy spaces by bringing together simple elements like candles, blankets, and warm beverages. 

Adding some hygge elements can make your game room more inviting for people no matter what time of year it is.

Game-Inspired Décor

If you’re looking for theme ideas, consider using décor pieces inspired by games. You’ll find several options to choose from, whether it’s the items seen on screen or related merchandise.

Consider Using Reflective Walls

Before moving forward with a design, consider adding reflective surfaces like metallic wallpaper or paint to one wall. This decoration technique will create an impressive look while reflecting light to illuminate the surroundings. If you have enough space, this option might be ideal.

Add Board Games

Board games bring out the kid in everyone and can be a great way to spend an evening. You don’t have to buy every available title; it’s enough to add your favourites because you’ll play them multiple times. 

Comfortable Chairs

You might think of chairs as something for sitting on, but they can also enhance any game room design. Just look for comfortable seats like leather if you want something luxurious, or go with wicker if relaxed is what you prefer.

Modern Décor

If saving space and avoiding clutter is high on your priority list, consider using modern décor pieces instead of having large collectibles around. Everything from side tables and benches will help free up valuable real estate while maintaining an elegant style. 

Random Game Pieces

When it comes to decorating your game room, why not think outside the box by getting random pieces related to games. You may find interesting items like toy cars, stuffed animals or even chess pieces in unexpected places.

Chalk Paint

If you’re looking for an affordable way to revamp the look of your game area, then consider using chalk paint on everything from cabinets and chairs to accessories like lamps and shelving units. 

The Insides Matter Too

Even if you have a small basement with only enough space for a single couch against the wall, you can still make it inviting by decorating what’s inside instead of making it feel empty. Ensure there is enough lighting, so the room isn’t too dark and choose the right furniture. 

If you have enough space, think about adding a table, or go with bookcases and shelves, so your video games and movies are out of the way.

Glow Paint

Adding glow paint to one wall can create an enchanting look that’s ideal for any secret gaming lair.

Personalized Controllers

Even something as simple as customizing your controllers with unique labels will help make them stand out. You’ll find options like Ninja Turtle stickers or Superhero emblems to use depending on the type of game room décor you prefer.

Metal Decor

The right metal décor pieces can transform any game room into a futuristic-inspired area where players feel like they’re part of an intense gaming session. 

Multiple Screens

If you’re looking to take advantage of as much screen time as possible, consider hanging multiple televisions or computer screens. Depending on your viewing preferences, you can create a television wall mount and even watch different shows simultaneously.

Adding an overhead projector is another option for creating special effects. Still, it may be best to keep this device in storage since they aren’t something the average person uses every day.

Glowing Mousepad

You don’t have to paint one wall with glow paint if you want that enchanting look; there are other options like creating a glowing mouse pad instead. This customizable accessory will help players focus during intense gameplay sessions while matching the décor.

Display Your Games

Don’t forget to add some video games or movies to your game room design when you’re considering all the details. Set up a gaming area with a TV and entertainment stand to show off their favourite titles while still maintaining an organized look. 

Table of Contents
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