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Warranty Information

What does your warranty cover?

Electrical Issues: Our 2-year warranty covers all outlets, switches, light fixtures, and pot lights.

Plumbing Issues: We cover parts, labour, and workmanship of all related materials. Leaks in vanity sinks and p-traps of kitchens, as well as all supply lines that we installed ourselves are also covered.

Painting, Drywall, and Framing Issues: We cover nail pops and cracks, with the condition that your basement is within the relative humidity level of 35% to 55% upon inspection of the warranty.

HVAC: The functionality of bathroom fans are covered, though please always keep the fan covers clean to prevent issues.

Baseboards and Flooring: Provided that your house’s RH is within contractual tolerance limits, our warranty covers the separation or lifting of boards.

What does your warranty NOT cover?

Electrical Issues: We do not cover tripped GFI switches. Note, however, that when this happens, you need to push the rest/test buttons first before you call us. Also, if this is the issue that you have and you contact the electricians we have on site, your deposit will be forfeited.

Plumbing Issues: Blockages and clogs are not covered by warranty. Your plumbing is tied to the Ontario Building Code so blockages are sometimes expected, but this issue is unrelated to our construction. If your pipes need cleaning, then you should call a plumber. Then if the plumber determines that the blockage is a result of our work, send us an invoice from the plumbing firm to prove it and we will provide a reimbursement. Our team conducts a thorough evaluation of the site before starting construction, so ultimately what happens inside your premises is not our responsibility. Ensure that that you have ample access to the water shutoff controls before we complete your project as you will be responsible for opening and closing the valves come winter time. If the pipes that we installed burst because they froze, this will not be covered by warranty. In such case, you will have to file an insurance claim for related damages.

Painting, Drywall, and Framing Issues: Scratches made on the walls while you were moving in or out.

HVAC: Duct cleaning is not part of our services.

Baseboards and Flooring: Chips on the floor aren’t covered by our warranty. We conduct a thorough inspection after cleaning and upon the job’s closing. If you need floor chips repaired, just contact our warranty specialist to obtain a quote.

Moving: If you do file a warranty claim, all furniture on site will need to be moved or removed to conduct the fix. The moving will be at your expense. If there’s extensive damage resulting from the moving, please contact your home insurance provider for advice.

Other Issues Not Covered by Our Warranty:

  • Scratches and damage on walls and floors
  • Scratches and stains on countertops
  • Damages due to low humidity, like drywall cracks, gaps/spaces between laminated planks, gaps/spaces between door casings, mouldings, baseboards, and trims
  • Lightbulb changes and replacements
  • Water leakages from existing plumbing pipes
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