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Professionally Basement Renovation in Newmarket

Homeowners in Newmarket know that they can trust Capable Group with their most valuable asset – their home. This trust has been built on over a decade of providing reliable and efficient renovation services to our many clients in the Newmarket area and beyond. We take this responsibility seriously. We know the importance of establishing a good rapport with potential clients and the community. It has been our mission you do just that since the first day we opened up our doors for business.

When you hire us for the job, you can trust us to be upfront with the costs. We’ll also provide you with the best options on the market. Our seasons contractors are known to always go beyond the call of duty to make sure every customer we work with is completely satisfied with our services. We also take pride in knowing that we are the top choice for basement renovation contractors in Newmarket.

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Why Finish a Basement in Newmarket?

If you are a new homeowner in Newmarket and the home you purchased has an unfinished basement, the question that may be on your mind is whether it is a good idea to finish your basement. The thought of doing so may seem overwhelming and daunting, but having the right team is key to ensure that the renovation project runs smoothly from beginning to end.

Finishing your basement has quite a number of benefits like adding value to your home, making your home more energy efficient, and ensuring that you maximize on the amount of the livable space in your home.

Did you know that you can add tens of thousands of dollars in value to your home by simply renovating your basement? This will come in handy particular if you anticipate selling the home sometime in the future. A well designed and functional basement is an excellent selling point.

There was a time when people would view basements as their least favourite room in the house. That was because it was typically thought of as a boring, empty room only useful for storage. Over the years, this has changed drastically and not only are people finding creative ways to design their basements to fit their family’s needs, they’re actually finding that they can turn their basements into their favourite room in their home!

What is basement renovation?

Let’s say you realize that you need to repaint the walls of your basement, or if you have a bathroom in your basement and you decide it’s time to incorporate different type of vanity in your bathroom. Maybe you want to swap out the faucet or replace the toilet with a more ecofriendly one. Any one of these changes would be considered a basement renovation. Other examples of a basement renovation are retiling the floor or painting the walls. In other words, basement renovations refer to making improvements on your basement that do not involve drastic changes to the overall structure of the basement. Basement renovation should not be confused with basement remodeling, which involves major changes to the basement structure.

Some homeowners may think that because the scope of their renovation project is rsmall, they don’t need a professional contractor. We disagree. Renovation projects can be complicated, and there are some things you just cannot plan for. That’s why, we recommend getting a reliable contractor like Capable Group on board at the very beginning of the project to provide guidance and advise on the best course of action when we do run into some project hurdles.

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Basement Renovation Design

This is often the most enjoyable part of the renovation process for our clients. They get to flesh out their ideas with our team of expert designers and consider all the possibilities available to them for their basements. It’s the one room in the home they can design to suit their preferences.

With so many design ideas out there, the most important thing we advise our clients to do is to be creative and practical at the same time. Designs may look beautiful in pictures and in theory, but there are a lot of factors that go into determining whether a basement design is best for your home. Some of these factors include the size of the room, the amount of natural light coming into the basement, how you intend to utilize the room, and how much you are willing to spend on renovating the bathroom. It can be confusing and overwhelming. That’s where we step in. In addition to helping you with design ideas, we ensure that we give you as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision.

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Want to separate living space guests can enjoy when they come to visit you? Transforming a basement into an apartment provides privacy for guests staying over for a few days, or longer, and can be a source of income if you choose to rent it out to a tenant.

It can be inconvenient to get up and leave your comfortable spot in the basement when nature calls. Avoid having to go all the way up the stairs to the main floor of the house by adding a bathroom to the basement.

There’s something about food that just adds to relaxation and comfort. You can create an area in your basement where you can prepare and share meals in a convenient spot.

Most homeowners in Newmarket say they could use an extra bedroom in their home. It can either be a guest room or a room for an adult child who moves back home.

A basement is a great location for a home office. Not only is it separate from the rest of the home and more likely to be quieter, you can minimize interruptions from family members more easily than if you were working form a common area in the home, like the dining room.

Why spend time and money going to your local gym when you can meet your fitness goals from the comfort of your home?

Have you ever dreamed of enjoying a sauna treatment right from your own home? There’s no reason why you can’t! Install a sauna in your basement and enjoy a relaxing sauna treatment right from your home.

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