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Why Finish a Basement in Ajax?

Gone are the days when basements were dull dungeons in a home used for nothing more than storage. Finishing a basement of any size provides enormous benefits for homeowners and their families. It transforms what is often an unused portion of your home into a room that is functional and beneficial. Finishing a basement is a great investment because it also adds value to your home, which is an advantage should you decide to sell.

In Ajax, more and more homeowners are tapping into the benefits of finishing their basements. And while it may seem like a rather ambitious undertaking, the return on investment is felt almost immediately after completing the renovation project.

Finishing your basement is something that can enhance the lives of all types of families. Growing families can transform their basements into a play area for their young children; families with older children can use their basement as an additional bedroom, which can come in handy when a child comes home or guests come to visit from out of town. Some families also choose to turn their basement space into a bachelor apartment and draw additional income to support the home. With basements, the possibilities are endless.

What is basement renovation?

Basement renovation is sometimes confused with basement remodeling, but the two terms are very different. Any kind of work done in your basement to upgraded it without causing any disruption to the overall structure of the basement is basement renovation. This could be major or minor changes. Sometimes homeowners think that if they’re just making a small change to the appearance of their basement, it does not qualify as a renovation.

Basement remodeling, on the other hand, refers to a structural change of a basement like tearing down or putting up an interior wall. One of the key things to remember before embarking on a renovation project is to make sure that the structure of your basement is intact.

The idea of renovating a basement can seem overwhelming but remember that you don’t have to take on the entire project all at once. You can break it up into a series of smaller projects completed over a space of time. This may also make it more manageable financially. Whether you decide to tackle your basement renovation project head-on and have it completed in as little time as possible or decide to go step by step, the most important thing at the end of the day is to have finished basement that is safe and functional.

Basement Renovation Design

One of the great things about renovating a basement is that you essentially have a bare canvas where you can create whatever you want. Many homeowners love the creative process because they get to imagine how they want their basement to look and then see it come to life. The design of your basement should reflect your personal style and the preferences of your family.

When purchasing your home, the rooms are already designed for you. But a basement is one of the only rooms in your home where you have the freedom to design the room exactly the way you want it to look.

Capable Group Inc. has worked with many clients who were amazed at how closely we were able to match the finished product to that what they envisioned. With the use of cutting-edge technology, we are able to make critical decisions during the design phase and communicate more effectively with our clients to produce the desired outcome by giving our customers a preview of what they can expect when the project is complete. This also provides an opportunity to tweak certain aspects of the design before breaking ground.

What you can do in your basement

  • Apartment – Use your basement space as an apartment to host guests who may come to visit, or rent out the space and generate an additional source of income for your home.
  • Kitchen – Add a kitchen, or kitchenette if space is limited, to your basement to create more comfort and convenience for the whole family.
  • Bathroom – a bathroom in your basement is not only a convenience, the more bathrooms your home has the more valuable your home is.
  • Bar – do you enjoy entertaining? Turn your basement into a bar where friends and family can enjoy each other’s company while sipping on their favourite alcoholic beverage.
  • Fireplaces – nothing makes a room feel cozier than a fireplace. Create the perfect ambiance by including a fireplace for you and your family to enjoy.
  • Theaters – who says you have to leave your home to catch a great movie? With a good home entertainment system, you can have a front row seat in your very own home theatre.
  • Bedrooms – you can never have too many bedrooms. Create an additional bedroom for one of your family members that will give them more privacy.
  • Home Office – with more and more people working from home, using your basement space as a tranquil place for optimum productivity is a great choice.
  • Sauna – selfcare is essential to your overall wellbeing. Installing a sauna is an excellent way of creating a designated place in your home for relaxation.
  • Family Rooms – by incorporating the right equipment you can create a room everyone in your family can have fun.
  • Home Gym – work on your fitness goals right from your home by turning your basement into a home gym. All you need is a few key exercise equipment and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier body.

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Capable Group Inc. is committed to providing the best renovation services to homeowners in Ajax. Over the years, we have been intentional about making sure we deliver on every promise we make to our customers. Doing so has allowed us to establish ourselves as one of the leading renovation companies in Ajax and throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

All of our technicians are experienced, certified and insured and are united in our goal to provide you with the basement of your dreams. From start to finish, we work closely with you to ensure that we are on the same page as the progresses. When you come to us with your basement renovation ideas, you can be sure that you have a team on board that as dedicated to your project as you are.

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