Everything You Need To know About Basement Bedrooms

Have you ever thought to convert your house basement into bedroom ? Sounds strange ? Yes, Yes I know that your now mind is riding on the surface of the ocean of questions but don’t worry, only continue reading this article and you will surely reach the beach of answers.
Now listening this term ‘Basement into Bedroom’, your first question might be that why bedroom in basement renovation is a good idea ? Well, their are many-many reasons that can be answered.

First reason I give you for this questions as answer is to provide more space. Every one needs some more space in theirs house so that they can organize things in more fashionable way and give their house a beautiful and smooth look and feel but in modern period it is only a thinking and one of the top solutions for this problem is to convert your house basement into bedroom.

Second reason for this question can be creating a peaceful and noiseless environment for your house and your family. When a person returns house after completing his job, what is the first thing he expect from his house ? Yes, you guessed it correctly, that’s some peaceful and relaxing environment but think that what happens if the noise coming out from different – different places disturbs him and that’s the place where idea of ‘Bedroom in Basement’ becomes helpful and relaxing.

Third reason I want to give for this question is to save money. Yes, this idea is also helpful in saving money. How ? Well, suppose if you want a new room in you house and for that you will have to pay a good amount of bucks but at the same time also think about using you house basement as bedroom and you will find out that how it can save you money.
There are infinite many reason that why basement bedroom ideas are helpful, peaceful, relaxing, money saving, etc. and that’s the only reason why people mostly prefer to make their bedrooms in their bedrooms.

Now lets proceed to your second question that what would be the cost for making bedroom in your house basement ? Every one living on the face of the earth has to maintain his budget and indirectly it can be said that budget is one of the main key-factors to be checked before starting any work and the same applies to this idea. If you are on the budget, then as discussed in above paragraphs that this idea is truly money saving which saves you every last penny you earn and provides ten times more comfort than any normal bedroom. The budget of the room depends on the way you design and decorate your house basement and give it the ability to be said as a bedroom.

Suppose, if you want you bedroom to have additional factors like high security then as usual you have to pay more but you bedroom would also just work fine with less security and which differentiates the budget of the same two rooms in basement of the house with a little difference and that is the only reason that why the budget of you bedroom can not be predicted. It all depends on the way you design and decorate your bedroom and here comes one more question how to plan for your room.

The question is indirectly the same as the main question that How to convert our thought into reality. Well, this is the stage where you have to be very careful and work thoroughly. The answer to this question includes many steps which are now going to be discussed in detail in form of steps.

  • Step 1: Get Ready and Make Things Ready – At first decide that how your bedroom would look and feel like. Find out the area of your basement and make a rough sketch for placing things nicely and the map of you room.I will recommend you to sell all the messy things which are of no use on eBay as keeping those things which are of no use will give you uncomfortable room without paying anything for what it is doing.
  • Step 2: Plan Your Space and Area of the room – After creating the rough sketch and following you idea, make a good, flexible and final room map so that you can start editing your basement. Make sure that the map you create fulfills your all requirement and fits your budget smoothly because you know that how the budget is dependent on you planning of the room.
  • Step 3 : Create a virtual graphic idea for you bedroom design – As you know that every one likes design and design is one of the most important things which makes you house look and feel professional, unprofessional, teenager room, grown-up room, beautiful room, worse room. And that’s why you should give this point an importance in your planning of the room. Choose your design different but matching for different-different things. For instance – Choose decorating for your ceiling of the room fashionable but remember that it should always match all your walls of the room and the same with the floor.You can also use the large flooring designs mentioned below to make your bedroom look pretty awesome.

Flooring Ideas

basement bedroom
  • Stained Concrete – This 9 $ cheap idea for flooring is not going to help you that much but although it gives a nice look in very less price which is awesome.
  • Painted Concrete – This concrete is also the same as above but with a little difference in design and price.
  • Stenciled flooring – If you are not that much caring for budget but need an awful design then this option is best for you. It is one one of the flooring designs which I like. It has the ability to add your floor contrast, warmth and transform it as no other could do.You can either paint floor a solid color or make a checkered design. Add a stencil to your floor in order to make its look more astonishing.
  • Penny Flooring – It is an idea of flooring with the penny’s but of course it costs just more than the price of you entire room. It is only used to give a sparkling and astonishing look to your room but it is not possible for everyone to afford its cost.

Other Unique Basement Flooring Ideas: Some of the other flooring ideas which are not that much successful than that of above ones which will not be discussed in details are are

  • Leather Flooring – It just seems luxury to me as I never thought of that the recycled leathers one day will be used as the flooring options. It is of course a bit expensive but it is a promise from me that your friends entering and leaving your room will not talk about anything else than just your room’s flooring.
  • Paper Bag Flooring – Usually cheaper than Penny and Leather flooring, the Paper bag flooring will confuse everyone.
  • Bottle cap Flooring – Bottle caps are also used as basement bedrooms floors. They are cheap and one of the best ways to astonish people with your room flooring.

Deck the Basement Walls

Brick made walls don’t have that much of feel and look comparing to other ones but this problem with brick walls can be solved by painting them. Paint them as nicely as you can with different-different color options and you will not believe me that they will give 200 % look of their own which will not be any more comparable to other walls. Also you can decorate it with different different sceneries and when you will wake up from bed next morning, they will be ready to give a fresh feeling and enlighten your whole day.

Choose Best Color For Your Bedroom

basement bedroom ideas

Choose the colors wisely for your basement bedroom as the colors change the environment. The color ideas should be checked by you personally that are you satisfied with the color idea or not ? If you are not satisfied with it or you are feeling any problem with it, refuse it and thats only my recommendation and keep it doing until you get the right color.

Basement Ceiling Ideas

Basements are normally darker than any other room and that’s where the basement’s ceiling come handy. There are many ways to decorate as well as lighten up your room by putting lights to your ceiling.

  • Hide unsightly lights behind some fabrics attaching to your basements ceiling and enjoy the basements lighting style.
  • Create a starry night in you house basement’s by just putting uncountable mini LED lights to the ceiling and I am sure that your friends will not be able to differentiate between real and your basement’s virtual night.

Basement Bedroom Ideas For Teenagers

Are you are making a bedroom in your house basement for you child who is a teenager now? If yes, then this part of this article is going to help you a lot.

Before creating the bedroom for your child, first do a survey on some questions. For instance – What kind of rooms did your child like ? ,What are his favorite colors and what kind of things can help your child to improve his performance ? Using all answers, create a sketch map as discussed before but this time according to your child. And do all things same as discussed in previous steps till now and keep these points in mind that Your child might have different favorite designs and colors than you so don’t put any design and color according to you and for colors, use his all favorite colors and create coziness with colors. After completing all your design and graphics for your child’s room, verify from him or her that it is correct and suitable for him or her and if he or she grants then follow the steps.

  • Step 1 : Changing Your Idea Into Reality – Till now, you should be ready with all the stuff and your plan and now this step grants you to start constructing. And at the time of construction, keep in mind that you have to work only as you have planned for.
  • Step 2 : Start Designing – After accomplishing the construction task, start working on designing project. And that’s comes a time when a small failure can make you annoyed till it s reconstructed so do it thoroughly.
  • Step 3 : Start Coloring – After designing and giving better look to your basement bedroom, it comes time to spice you room up with colors.
  • Step 4 : Start placing things of your daily use in your bed room – Now, it is the second last step which is as simple as maths sums. Start placing things to your bedroom to start you unlimited fun offer.
  • Step 5 (Final) : Enjoy your Bedroom

Now, I think that the beach that we talked of is coming in your area of vision where you will reach in a little moments, after this conclusion.

Basement bedrooms are nowadays becoming more and more popular due to their benefits only which are offered to us in very cheap price that every one wants to grab it. In this age, space for constructing new houses is not available in that much quantity and to this problem, basement bedrooms can be little helpful. If you have a house basement then you should utilize it properly and this article was only on one of the ways to utilize your house basement and get all benefits from it. In my words, I only want to say that House Basements are archive of benefits and one should extract it with using different ways to get all benefits. And one more last line that now you have now reached that beach and enjoy the world as much as you can. Just buy ice-creams and don’t forget to eat them and the same as if you make any house on land, don’t forget to use it’s basement as your bedroom as you know that what are the benefits of using your house basement as your bedroom and if no then go back again to ocean water and read this article again to get back on to the surface. Good luck.

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