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Looking to revamp your finished basement area with a splash of colour? If so, we’ve got some great colour ideas that are bound to brighten up your basement space. The colour you choose for your basement can set the mood and energy of the room. One of the advantages basements have over other rooms in your home is that you can experiment with just about any design, style and colour especially with the basement family room paint . The possibilities are limitless.

Here are a few colour ideas you can try out for your basement:

  1. White – nothing says elegance and style quite like the colour white. It brightens up the room and allows you to add splashes of colour with decorative pieces and accessories against the white background. It is a perfect background colour for any room in your home. And if you decide to go with an all-white theme, that works, too! White is one of those colours that can transform a dark basement into a brighter room you are bound to love!
  2. Sky Blue – this is the perfect colour to create a welcoming ambiance to your basement. If your basement is your favourite room to host gathering with family and friends, make them feel welcome and at home with a blue theme. Since blue is known for its calming effect, it encourages relaxation, which is a great option if you intend to use your basement for relaxation. Blue also promotes sleep, so if your basement serves as an additional bedroom in your home, we vote for blue!
  3. Red – at first thought, red may seem to be to bold for a basement, or any room in your home for that matter, but we beg to differ. This bright colour could be what makes your basement pop. Red is a common symbol of love and may be a good option for an ensuite bedroom. It’s fiery and could be used as a solid theme for your basement or as an accent colour.
  4. Purple – want to create a royal look for your basement? Add an air of sophistication by going purple. Darker shades pf purple like eggplant cultivate elegance and appeal, while lighter shades like lavender and lilac are soothing.
  5. Gray – there is something to be said about a subtle colour theme for your basement. Gray has turned into a popular choice for many homeowners and here’s why:
    • Gray walls can be easily paired with neutral décor for a sophisticated look
    • Gray can be paired with deep shades of bold colours like green, orange or blue
  6. Cream – this is another popular choice mostly because of its versatility. It’s the happy medium between white and beige and promotes relaxation. Cream is warm and inviting, and serves as the perfect background for any basement because you can accessorize the room with any colour. Cream is a good choice if your basement is used as a functional space, like a recreational room, a home office or a laundry room.
  7. Navy Blue – While deep colours like navy blue can make a space feel dark and gloomy, there is a way to make this colour work for your basement space. By using a combination of navy blue in some sections of the room and balancing the “heaviness” out with light neutral colours. That way, it breaks up the navy blue colour.
  8. Green – make your basement the most enviable space in your home by using green as your colour scheme. With so many shades to choose from, green is one of the best colours to use for your basement. Lighter shades of green are known to reduce stress and anxiety and evoke relaxation, giving a sense of calmness. The beauty of green is that you can pair shades of green to create a dominant background colour and a beautiful accent.
  9. Yellow – this colour exudes warmth and happiness. When you walk into a yellow room, the colour instantly lifts your mood. But the right shade for your basement can be tricky to get right. This is because sunlight enhances the yellow colour makes it brighter. So, the colour of your basement can appear to be different depending on the rime of day. So, you may want to keep that in mind when you choose your shade. Also consider contrasting the light hue with a bold colour.
  10. Brown – earth tone hardwood flooring colors are a choice that has continued to rise in popularity over time. Brown can add warmth and coziness to your basement, and by playing around with different shades of brown and other earth tone colours, you can have the perfect blend of hues to create just the right feel for your basement space.

And there you have it! Ten great colour ideas to set the tone for your basement space. Best of all, you can experiment with different colour combinations and determine which one suits your style the most

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