Best Basement Remodeling Ideas

Basement is the room underground, bearing severe problems like moisture and mildew. However, there are various methods which if applied effectively can bring good results to you. Proper waterproofing solutions, insulated walls, etc. are some of the methods, but all these methods demand proper basement remodeling ideas. Flooring is the important part of the cellar renovation which actually increases the aesthetic value of this room. The selected flooring must be competent to control the humidity level as well as should be moisture resistant. Being the lowest section of your edifice, flooding is the commonest problem thus you should choose the floor that will not perish as flooding effects.

A Proper Plan


Planning is extremely crucial to the success of your project. As with renovating anything, you need to have a specific plan regarding what you want to do with your basement. You may have a basement which has a lot of electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, and mechanical systems and that is why hiring a professional to make the space fit for your project is the first thing to do.

The ceiling


What kind of ceiling to install is one of the first things you need to do. If the height is less than 8 feet, speak to your builder about installing something like sheetrock. Of course, make sure that there are plenty of access panels for the wiring, plumbing pipes and mechanical systems space may be equipped with. A suspended ceiling is one of the basement floor plans and remodeling ideas that is perfect if your ceiling height is more than 8 feet. You can find access panels that will suit the kind of style and feel you want in the space. 

About flooring

basement Tile flooring in toronto

The floor is extremely important and special consideration needs to be paid to the fact that basements are quite moisture-prone. Make sure that the builder puts in a sub-floor before installing the flooring you want so that dampness does not seep through. Install flooring that makes whatever you want to use the space for easier to do.

Install concrete flooring underneath the final cover. It is always assumed that you have concrete basement slab for stronger support.

Next, you should know does the flooring dry out: Flooring that will dry out is always considered good. Ceramic tile is the perfect option that can be added to this area. However, you can also go for other options to make it work for you but with the expert’s suggestion.

You can consider installing the floor on the concrete slab. Some of the basement floorings can be directly installed on concrete with no or little efforts.

Consider foam underlayment: A foam underlayment between the laminate and concrete will do the trick and help you control the moisture.
Another good flooring idea is hardwood floors, especially laminate floors as these floors are moisture resistant thus best suited to be used in cellarage. Vinyl laminate flooring, more precisely, gives you excellent and durable results. You can get the same in various shades, colors, and patterns matching your preferences.

Tiling – Tiles are the best-suited flooring option for the cellar. You can either choose slate, marble or ceramic to beautify the underground room. For ceramic tiles, you get myriad of color and design options. Usage of any of these tiles can easily improve the aesthetic look of your room. But tiles can also get cold in winter sending a chill down to your spine if walking barefoot over it.

Choose a professional to assist you. To get any of the flooring idea done, proper installation plays a major role. Thus you need to call experts in the industry. Choose the one having expertise not only in mounting different floorings but also know the skills to perform other basement renovation tasks like the expert should know how to insulate the basement wall.
Storing Your Stuff

No matter what basement floor plans and remodeling ideas you are looking for, enough space for storage is a necessity for most households. You just can’t have enough! That is why making this space a good storage area for your stuff is such a great idea. Make sure that the builder you have hired makes adequate use of the area’s storage capacity.

The Lighting


Your basement is probably an area that does not get any natural sunlight and is dank and dull. But don’t worry! With the proper lighting, space will look great. A lot of attention thus needs to be paid to install the right kind of lighting. Recessed lighting is a great idea for the simple reason that it does not take up too much space and yet provides comfortable lighting. 



The days of having dark and gloomy basement are over and people are keen towards installing Basement Windows. One can choose from a vast assortment of options for your cellar in order to maximize the ventilation, lighting, and security. Large as well as small windows are being chosen by the homemakers to make their place livable and comfortable. There are certain things that you must know before installing a window:

Although you have a number of options, you need to make selection carefully in order to find the right style and shape that will fit your home. Also, you should consider design features, accessibility and function to have the best window for your cellarage. If you are unsure which window will work for your home then ask an expert. 

Insulating Basement Walls:


How To Insulate Basement Wall and what all insulating options are available are some of the queries that keep the homemakers confused. Basement walls also acquire dampness being close to the ground and hence, should be insulated. However, there are certain things that you should know:

You should decide whether exterior or interior insulation would fit your requirements. Both of these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages which you must take into account. Next, you need to decide on the methods or material chosen for insulation and the cost involved. You should also solve basement water problem before insulation.

Also, you must remain patient during the entire process as basements take more time to dry so that next step for insulation can be executed. 

Paying attention


Basement remodeling Ideas need to exert attention in order to make the things fall in place as the floor can leach residual moisture even in dry weather condition due to its close proximity to ground With these basement remodeling ideas, you can completely change your basement from a place no one entered to something fantastic! If you wish this to be so you can reach us on https://capablegroupinc.ca/ as we can do anything in your basement.