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Ways to Conceal Ductwork in Your Basement

As I wandered through my great-aunt’s basement, filled with memories of childhood games and laughter, I couldn’t help but notice the exposed ductwork that ran along the ceiling. It marred the otherwise charming space, making it feel incomplete. Like many homeowners, you might also be looking for creative ways to hide ductwork in your basement.

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Insulating Your Basement Walls

The Chill in the Basement: The Insulation That Changed Everything It was a cold winter evening, and as I descended the stairs into my basement, I couldn’t help but shiver. The stark contrast between the warmth of the upstairs and the chill of the basement was unmistakable. It was then that I realized the importance

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Understanding Basement Underpinning

There was a time, not too long ago, when my dear friend Martha told me about the alarming cracks she noticed on her basement walls. We quickly realized that her beautiful century-old home was experiencing foundation settlement. Determined to save her home, Martha embarked on a journey to learn about underpinning basement solutions. As we

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Fixing a Leaky Basement: Basement Leak Repairs

It was a stormy night when I first discovered water seeping into my basement. The rain had been relentless, and as I descended the steps to grab an old umbrella, I noticed the unmistakable dampness creeping up the walls. Like many homeowners, I was unprepared for the reality of a leaky basement, but I knew

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Modern Comfort

Looking for a basement renovation that combines style and functionality? Look no further than Capable Group’s “Modern Comfort” renovation. This project includes stunning design elements such as sleek white walls, large windows, and a cozy electric fireplace. A custom-built storage shelf adds both practicality and visual interest to the space, while a large TV provides

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Basement vine cellar & bar in Toronto

Sip & Savor

Looking for a basement renovation that caters to your love of entertaining? Look no further than Capable Group’s “Sip & Savor” renovation. This project includes a stunning wine storage area, complete with custom-built shelving and temperature-controlled units. A stylish bar area features ample seating and sleek laminate flooring, perfect for hosting friends and family. During

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