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Custom-designed acoustic basement renovation for a home music studio in Toronto with soundproofing panels and high-fidelity audio equipment.

Soundproofed Space:

Capable Group recently completed a stunning full basement renovation project in Toronto, which we named “The Perfect Soundproofed Space”. Our team of experts worked tirelessly to incorporate a variety of design elements into the space, including a soothing white color scheme with accents of blue, elegant lighting fixtures, and custom-built features. We used high-quality materials

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Complete Guide to Basement Insulation

Are you tired of high energy bills and uncomfortable temperatures in your home? Insulating your basement is a simple and effective way to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. In this article, we’ll explain what basement insulation is, the benefits of insulating your basement, the different types of insulation, and how to

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Transform Your Space: Basement Renovation Ideas for a Wine Cellar

As wine consumption continues to grow, so does the trend of having a wine cellar in your home. Wine cellars offer a unique way to store and preserve your favourite vintages, providing an optimal environment for proper aging. Basements are ideal locations to create custom wine cellars and other exciting basement renovation ideas. We will

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Maximize Your Basement Storage with These Remodelling Tips

Transform your cluttered basement into a spacious and organized storage area. Read our expert tips for basement remodelling and get started today. Cost-Effective Solutions for Maximizing Space Basement remodelling is a cost-effective solution for storage problems that many homeowners face. It provides an opportunity to add usable space to the home and create a more

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Basement into a Guest Room: Renovation Ideas

Unlock the potential of your basement with these innovative and functional renovation ideas for a guest room or in-law suite. Get inspired now! How to Design a Guest Room or In-Law Suite in the Basement A guest room or in-law suite in the basement can offer numerous benefits for homeowners. From increased living space to

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Basement Renovation Checklist: What to Consider Before You Start

Get the most out of your basement renovation by considering all the important factors before you start. Use this checklist to plan your basement finishing project and ensure a successful outcome. Purpose of the Renovation Before starting any basement renovation project, deciding what you want the space to be used for is important. Look at

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