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How Long Does it Take to Renovate Basement in Mississauga?

Are you thinking of renovating your unfinished basement? If so, it’s important to know how long the project will take and what sorts of tasks you can expect. Generally speaking, most basements can be renovated in two to four weeks, but more extensive renovations may take a bit longer. Starting from scratch, be prepared for a

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How much does it cost to legalize a basement in Mississauga?

First, you’ll need to have architectural drawings and plans to obtain a building permit in the City of Mississauga. The building permit fees will be $1,595+HST. On average, it takes 13 weeks for a new residential building to be processed and issued a permit, 7 weeks for a residential alteration, and 10 weeks for a secondary unit. Remember that these

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Basement Walkout Ideas

A basement is simply a room beneath the main floor of a building or a house. This, yet, does not mean that a basement should be completely underground. It is creative to have a walkout basement to make the basement easily accessible and add lighting to the basement. In most cases, walkout basements are located

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Finished Basement Floor Color Ideas

Looking to revamp your finished basement area with a splash of colour? If so, we’ve got some great colour ideas that are bound to brighten up your basement space. The colour you choose for your basement can set the mood and energy of the room. One of the advantages basements have over other rooms in

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Paint Ideas for the Basement Family Room

In the constant quest to increase living and storage space, homeowners often overlook the dark basement. But this abandoned space can be incredibly versatile. With a few simple improvements, it can become a den, playroom, guest room, crafts workshop, laundry room, cinema, etc. If you’re renovating your current basement or just want to freshen up

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Best Basement Remodeling Ideas

Basement is the room underground, bearing severe problems like moisture and mildew. However, there are various methods which if applied effectively can bring good results to you. Proper waterproofing solutions, insulated walls, etc. are some of the methods, but all these methods demand proper basement remodeling ideas. Flooring is the important part of the cellar

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